I started learning pottery in March 2011 and finished my hand building and wheel throwing lessons by June and became Britt David Pottery Studio member in June 2011. I enjoy every second i spend there and hoping Nandini ( my wife) will soon join me there as a member and we will explore the world of clay together.

This was my first generation Cone 6 glazing, size 6″ by 12″.

This was Cone 10 glaze,smaller pot – 6″ by 4″.

This was inspired after the  trip to Rajghat, Delhi. Cracked hand should improve with next cut. I think it makes a good office desk display.

Two recent products from 9/2012…i am loving the process of glazing and trying to experiment and master the art of glazing. One thing i learned that even if you throw the best pot but if your glazing is subpar, all hard work of throwing is meaningless. Glazing is not just iceing on the cake, it is the cake!!!!

These two are with Perssimon under coat and butter milk on the top- one of my more predictable and yet very beautiful eyecatching glaze combination.

These two are my attempt at hand building…it’s an attempt of a beginner so let’s see how it turns out in 2013…thia can be very rewarding especially if you have very creative minds…i have lots of inspirations around me so we shall see..

Nandini’s one of the best hand built piece….Very creative( this is what i meant in handbuilding possibilities are endless)…

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